The Brand Story of Taiwan Hinoki Workshop

In Taiwan, there is mountain called Hinoki Mountain.

This mountain is not far away, but by your side! In Hinoki Mountain, you can really breathe deeply, breathe together with each other the history and culture of the island, immersed in the most real aroma, and find the original aroma of life. Founder(Brave bro.) took care of father suffering from the cancer and chronic pneumonia.

He intents on making his father's breathe smoothly, so he took his father frequently from Wulai to Taipingshan full of negative ions. On the way he often saw the lush mountains, and then a natural, simple concept appeared! Insist on giving his family the most considerate and natural comfort, Brave bro. founded Taiwan Hinoki Workshop in 2012. In the hope that their family can feel the phytoncide of forest at home, really breathe deeply and enjoy the carefree life.

"Taiwan Hinoki Workshop offers you the original Hinoki aroma and empathizes with your concern for your family." Brave bro. said, "The only investment that will never be miscalculated is that the beneficiary of the investment is your dearest family." Put the whole Hinoki Mountain in your mind and turn the love for your family into reality. You can leave a Hinoki Mountain in your heart, which turns into the most direct love for your family in daily bathing, living, and breathing, a most assured feeling, because your family worth it! And Taiwan Hinoki Workshop understands it!

Taiwan Hinoki Workshop, Our Philosophy

 Natural, Environment-friendly, Breathing in Forest

  The body is a part of nature. Nourishing the body the natural way is certainly the best.

  • Natural Ingredients--Natural health

    The fragrance of natural Hinokitiol found in Hinoki essential oil is highly beneficial to the human body, such as alleviating insomnia, headaches, and anxiety, as well as rejuvenating skin. Once inhaled, it relieves tension and stress.

  • Pure and Refined Quality; Environment-Friendly Sources

    The remnant scrap from fine furniture production is reused. The natural essence Hinokitol is extracted through the exclusive bi-distillation process, separating the wheat from the chaff.

  • Carry the Hinoki forest with you

    The exclusive production procedure is used for extracting the Hinoki pure essential oil from the Hinoki wood, disseminating forest phytoncide and negative ions, allowing you to bathe in the Hinoki forest, enjoying the Hinoki life of the breathing in the forest.

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